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E-decor is an easy way to decorate your space with help from JDP Interiors without enlisting full design services. This service is completely individualized and customized to your unique space, room, or entire home to fit your budget and specific needs. 


How it works:


You will email pictures and measurements of the space you would like to decorate as well as any specific requests you have. Inspiration photos of what you like are also highly reccomended. Once we establish the overall aesthetic, a mock up of your space with the items chosen by us will be sent to you via email, as well as a floor plan specifing the placement of the items. This service includes the following:


  • Room Concept Board: We realize that a central challenge in designing your own space is visualizing the final product. Our concept boards will allow you to see all components in the room come together. 

  • Space Planning: This includes a detailed furniture layout plan, drawn to scale, which references directly to the room concept board. No more worrying if that sofa will fit in the room!


This is the perfect bang for your buck!


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